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Reboot the Future

Connection Cards

Connection Cards

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We often get swept up in the flow of life and feel disconnected. We rarely get the space to pause and think. At Reboot the Future we believe that conversations are powerful connectors, bringing us closer to seeing that we are not so different from the rest of the people and beings we share the earth with.

Coming together is powerful. Reboot’s ‘Connection Cards’ create dedicated moments where we can get away from our everyday roles, away from “should”s, and talk about where our connection can be mended. They promote emotive conversations that create connections between people and the planet. At their heart, the cards remind us that a better future is possible if we treat others as we’d wish to be treated.

Our ‘Nature’ cards help you create a wild love of nature and the planet. A love that compels us to give as we receive, and to care for and protect our planet. The questions are designed to spark inspiring conversations that get you listening, sharing and thinking. They ask you to share your experience, tell your stories, learn from others and imagine a better future for all of us.

You can also download a PDF of the cards for free.

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